Event management, as our many years of experience have shown, often consists only of exceptions. This is why we have designed Evention® to be so flexible for you that basically all characteristics of the system can be adapted to your customer-specific requirements.

All important content objects such as events, guests or tickets can be modified, individual authorization concepts can be implemented or any number of languages can be stored.

Of course, the frontend can also be completely adapted to your corporate design specifications.

In addition, we have developed a new, flexible workflow engine for Evention® 5 on the basis of our experience from more than 50 projects in the corporate event management sector, which enables maximum adaptability even to very individual guest processes.

This is because the core process of guest management is different for each customer, because it usually varies depending on four customer-specific factors:

1. Type of event (e.g. general meeting)
2. Type of organiser (e.g. group)
3. Type of process (e.g. First Come First Served)
4. Type of guest (e.g. shareholder)

With our new highly flexible workflow engine, we map the two alternating core processes of guest management in a consistent, integral solution:

Evention Booking Portal
The solution for your professional booking portal

Evention Invitation Management
The solution for your group-wide invitation management


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