Conferences ore congresses are usually larger events with several hundred or thousand participants. Often these are scientific congresses where experts or interested parties from one or more fields meet to present or exchange current scientific findings.

The challenge of organising a congress can best be illustrated using the example of a medical congress. Congresses in the healthcare sector often last several days and can take place at the same time at different places or in different areas. In most cases, the events consist of several consecutive program points, such as keynotes, scientific lectures, workshops, meetings or poster sessions. At international congresses, lectures and discussions are often multilingual. In addition, physicians can earn training points at the congresses by attending lectures or special courses.

It is therefore essential for the success of a conference to use an event management software such as Evention®, which supports multi-day, multilingual events with program items and quotas. In addition, Evention offers a cross-location or cross-room admission management so that guests can check in at various accreditation counters.

Basic features

2.Acces control
Access Control

Consistent processes for authentication, authentification and authorization


Invoicing with connection to online payment systems

42.Attendee managementî
Attendee Management

Comprehensive functions for simple and effective management of guest data

21.Check in
Check In

Check In app (iOS and Android) for access management

23.Hotel Management
Hotel Management

Hotel administration with booking and occupancy plans


Multilingual user interfaces and content for the back and front end

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