With our Evention® product software, we offer one of the leading industry solutions for digital participant and event management.

The Corporate Eventmanagement Software

Evention® positions itself in the market for digital participant and event management solutions as special software for corporate events. Users of the product are mainly corporate customers who need a professional solution for company-wide event organization.

Our customers benefit from our many years of experience in implementing participant and event management solutions for employee and customer events, shareholder events and press conferences, trade fairs and exhibitions, marketing and sponsoring events, company celebrations, training courses, seminars and workshops.

Major Release Evention® 5

From mid-2017, the software underwent complete reengineering and has been available in the new Major Release Evention® 5 since July 2019.

The new version comprises a completely revised system architecture based on current programming standards as well as numerous new functions. Evention® 5 has a generic API that implements the algorithms and data structures universally and thus makes them generally available for all data types and objects (parametric polymorphism).

In the area of front-end development, Angular is used as a web framework, whereby the user interface of Evention® offers a wide range of functions as well as good scalability and performance. Furthermore, important functions are implemented as integral parts of the architecture.

Next generation digital event management

For example, Evention® 5 has flexible rights and role management. This not only allows you to control access rights in the backend and frontend at almost any level, but also to create clients with which, for example, different departments can organize their own events independently of each other.

The software also offers full multilingual capability, i.e. all entities (interface elements, fields, descriptions, texts, downloads, etc.) are available in multiple languages both in the backend and in the frontend of the application.

The reengineering also paid special attention to the topic of application security. Based on the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS), all known vulnerabilities of a web application such as SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) or XML External Entities (XXE) are eliminated.

Technically and functionally, Evention® sets new standards for intelligent digital event management of the next generation.


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