Participant management is the core function and paradediscipline of Evention®. So you always have an overview of the participants of your events.

Participant data can be flexibly imported and exported in freely configurable lists. By default, this is done via Excel files to ensure maximum compatibility and easy processing. In order to integrate the participant flow as seamlessly as possible into your processes, any third-party systems such as CRM or ERP applications can also be connected.

Administrators have continuous insight into the status of each invitation and order and can thus clearly see the status of registrations, cancellations or waiting lists.

The complex allocation functions can be used to control who can invite how many guests, which ticket category contains how many seats or how many participants are allowed per programme item at the most.

Completely freely definable guest data fields also offer the possibility to record any information that is necessary for the planning and execution of your special event.

These fields are also immediately available for import and export by default.


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