With our Evention® CheckIn app for iOS and Android, you can perform on-site admission management with any smartphone (BYOD - "Bring Your Own Device").

Either existing backend user data or a QR code generated per event or series can be used as authorization. Thus, internal and external users can be involved in the scanning process very quickly and securely. When using the QR code, no sensitive login data of internal employees on "foreign" devices has to be entered, which allows the use in the company context.

Only anonymous data is stored on the individual devices due to the highest data protection requirements. Only during the scanning process - if a server connection exists - the guest name is transmitted and displayed for a short time.

After downloading the event data, the Evention CheckIn app can also be operated offline and thus at locations with poor or no Internet connection. A stable synchronization service ensures continuous data synchronisation when the connection is established.

The scan of the individually configurable tickets works reliably from paper as well as from the display of mobile devices. A flexible access control allows admins to determine whether only pre-registered or non-registered guests should have access.

The statistics in the app provide an overview of the tickets scanned by you and the other devices connected to the current event. The currently present participants can thus be viewed at any time - even in real time in the Evention® backend with an existing server connection.


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