We have paid special attention to the flexibility and configurability of the lists in the administration console (backend) of Evention®. Our goal was to make the lists as adaptable and multi-functional as in a popular spreadsheet program like Microsoft® Excel®.

Our new customers in particular often worked with Excel until they decided to switch to Evention® and expect at least comparable functionality from their new program.

In particular, the configurability of the guest list plays an important role, which is required by the users depending on the usage context in various views, sorting and filtering, for example for the invitation, presence check, reporting, accounting or check-in. Basically, the guest list in its various views and forms is the "heart" of participant management.

Evention® offers freely configurable, multi-functional lists that can be completely configured horizontally or vertically via sorting functions, filters or searches.

The special: Each configured list view is saved in the user profile and is automatically available to the user as the default view at the next log-in. This allows different user groups, for example from marketing or accounting, to preconfigure individual views.


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