The selected operating scenario and server location are exclusively dependent on the requirements of the customer, who can freely choose between a cloud or an internal company on-premise operation.

Despite the continuing trend towards cloud operation, we continue to register a keen interest in internal data center operation among our customers. The reasons for this are obvious. Guest data is personal data, the use of which is subject to strict guidelines, not least under the reform of the European Data Protection Basic Regulation (EU-DSGVO).

For this reason, many of our customers, including some national and international banks and insurance companies, decide not to store their guest data in a cloud environment. Furthermore, special integration requirements, such as an LDAP or CRM connection, often speak in favour of internal operation because the corresponding interfaces cannot be addressed externally.

If a customer chooses external hosting, we naturally only offer server locations in security-certified data centers in Germany. We provide the corresponding evidence within the framework of the security audit, which is obligatory in our customer base.


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