In addition to the basic multi-client capability of the system, you can set extensive authorization levels for the event portal (frontend) and the administration console (backend) within an instance.

By default, all visitors to your Evention® website can view the events offered. If you do not want to advertise any public events, you can completely protect your content from unauthorized access by offering the event portal only password protected. Mixed forms of partly public and private offers are also possible without any problems.

With the help of user groups, rights can be assigned on the levels category, series, event, ticket, program point and document. In this way, you can control in detail which users can make use of which services.

Even in the backend, at the administration level, Evention® has a wide range of settings to meet your security and data protection requirements. For each user group, you can determine who should have access to which modules (events, locations, hotels, guests, ...) and the functions they contain (create, change, delete, export, send mail, ...).

Both in the frontend and in the backend, users can be logged on automatically using single sign-on. With the help of various technical interfaces (OAuth, SAML, LDAP, AD, webSEAL), the central user administration of your company can be connected according to standards. User groups and user information are automatically synchronized with each login to ensure consistent data maintenance and compliance with your authorization concept.


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