We have paid special attention to usability and expectation conformity. That is why we have equipped the administration console (backend) of Evention® with an intuitive toolbar that allows you easy and fast access to all important functions at any time.

In order to follow the principle of simplicity to the maximum, we have also implemented the toolbar context-sensitive, which means in the various consoles of the application, for example for events, guests or locations, that only those buttons are offered to you in the tool palette that you actually need in the concrete context of use.

An important part of the operating concept is also a quick access button, which offers users immediate access to the most frequently used functions at the bottom right of the screen at all times.

The program is rounded off by the multilingual function, which means that all interface, control and input elements in the backend are offered to the user in his individual language.

This makes the use of Evention® child's play, even for new or inexperienced users.


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