The larger a company is, the more complex and numerous are the employee and customer events that take place. Starting with internal training measures, company outings and celebrations, team events and strategy conferences, in particular employee events are very diverse in form and confront the event departments with ever new challenges throughout the year.

Some company events, such as a sales kick-off, are an important emotional experience for the sales staff, which creates new motivations beyond the sometimes dull daily routine and strengthens identification with the company.

For example, employees learn what results their work has achieved and should be motivated to give their best in the coming year as well. In addition, outstanding achievements are honored. An employee event is therefore always also a way for a company to thank its committed employees.

However, in order to generate the maximum benefit from an employee or customer event, these should be planned well in advance. And the planning already begins with the question of which departments or business areas should be invited to an event and which guest related services the different employee groups should experience at the event. Is it a one-day or multi-day event? Is catering or hotel accommodation planned? How do employees travel to the event? And which cost centers are to be taken into account for billing? This is only a small selection of the information to be recorded in advance of an employee event, which can be easily, quickly and reliably recorded and evaluated in Evention®. And this specifically for each guest, guest group or event type. Your employee and customer events will be a complete success for your company.

Basic features


Highest security standards based on comprehensive security audits


High integration capability in customer-specific infrastructures


Standards for handicapped accessible use

42.Attendee managementî
Attendee Management

Comprehensive functions for simple and effective management of guest data


Control system for adherence to compliance guidelines

23.Hotel Management
Hotel Management

Hotel administration with booking and occupancy plans

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