The holding of general meetings is a special challenge for event organisers. Various items on the agenda, such as the presentation of the annual report, the resolution on the appropriation of retained earnings or the determination of dividends, must be organised.

In particular, it applies to public limited companies where the general meeting of shareholders is the supreme decision-making body that legal rules and procedures must be observed. Important legal obligations exist, for example, with regard to the convening form and period of notice, the admission test for participants or proof of the majority of voting rights in accordance with the articles of association.

Evention® offers a wide range of tested components to ensure the smooth and legally compliant conduct of general meetings. For example, the form of convening can be individually configured in the system. In the case of companies with registered shares, for example, invitations to shareholders entered in the share register can then be sent by post (mail merge function) as required by law.

Furthermore, important deadlines for each event can be created and configured in the backend in such a way that, for example, the convening deadline is 20 days before the general meeting at the latest, in accordance with the law.

Another important solution component of Evention® is the check-in app optimized for general meetings, which is available for both Android and iOS.  With the help of the app, for example, several check-in clients (smartphones) can simultaneously display and verify the number of registered guests and thus the quorum of a shareholders’ meeting even across distributed locations – both in offline and online mode. Special requirement scenarios can also be implemented, such as the subsequent on-site accreditation of unannounced guests (shareholders), insofar as company-specific statutes would require this.

Basic features

2.Acces control
Access Control

Consistent processes for authentication, authentification and authorization

21.Check in
Check In

Check In app (iOS and Android) for access management

6.Data privacy
Data Privacy

High security standards according to current data protection guidelines


Multilingual user interfaces and content for the back and front end


Highest security standards based on comprehensive security audits


Seating tool for seat management

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