Lectures and seminars are an important instrument of knowledge transfer and vocational qualification. While a lecture is a pure information event, a seminar is about imparting knowledge and concrete skills.

As variously as the ranges of topics of lectures and seminars are, so variously are also the specialized requirements to the Eventmanagement. This applies in particular to seminars. They can be one-day or multi-day events that sometimes consist of individual qualification modules or courses that build on each other and then form complete seminar series. Seminars can then be organised as classroom training, e-learning or as web seminar (webinar). Seminars also vary greatly in terms of methodology and didactics. In addition to lectures, trainers conduct exercises with the participants. The lectures are supported by presentations, flipcharts and media walls.

Due to the complete configurability of an event in the administration console (backend), Evention® offers the possibility to create and manage even very complex seminars or seminar series. Thus for example different dates and periods can be defined per event. Furthermore, individual events can be connected as series in event series or, conversely, subdivided into individual events as programme items.

Thus Evention® is the ideal complete solution for seminar organizers as well as for organizers of advanced training events in companies.

Basic features

42.Attendee managementî
Attendee Management

Comprehensive functions for simple and effective management of guest data


Individually configurable emails for all event phases and processes


Database for the efficient management of event locations

34.Programme items
Programme Items

Freely definable program items for each event

38.Resource management
Resource Management

Databases for event resources such as speakers, personnel or incentives


Seating tool for seat management

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