Meetings and workshops are an indispensable part of the corporate culture in many companies. Especially in times of increasing digitalization of business processes, personal contact plays an important role in information exchange, decision preparation and problem solving.

Studies show that executives, managers and employees spend a lot of time in meetings, although they often perceive them as ineffective. At the same time, working in international teams is becoming more and more important. The need to organise meetings and workshops professionally is therefore obvious.

With regard to the preparation, conduct and follow-up of meetings, the use of modern event management software such as Evention can work wonders. It is already crucial to select the right participants and address them in the invitation in a way that is appropriate for the target group, for example with information and documents in the correct language, taking into account the guest’s correct time zone. Furthermore, specific questions can be put to the participants in advance, for example to prepare planned coordination and decisions for a meeting. Even after an event, all processes should be clearly documented and results tracked, for example by automatically sending a protocol to all participants and relevant persons.

A meeting does not have to be a waste of time. On the contrary. If meetings are prepared sensibly and conducted efficiently, then they make an important contribution to ensuring transparency in the company and to letting all employees pull together. They can thus contribute to positively influencing the corporate culture.

Basic features

42.Attendee managementî
Attendee Management

Comprehensive functions for simple and effective management of guest data


Individually configurable emails for all event phases and processes

26.Contact managementî
Contact Management

Master data management for guests and other persons

20.Document Management
Document Management

File manager for documents and media


Multilingual user interfaces and content for the back and front end

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