Whether a small club concert or a big stage spectacle. Music and cultural events are always extraordinary events that confront the organizers with special challenges.

This often begins with the event location. The venue must have the right capacity, make the seating possible and be actually free at the scheduled time. The technical equipment and catering must be organised and, if necessary, special health and safety regulations must be observed.

Also for the participant management often very individual requirements exist. Special guest groups (e.g. sponsors, VIP or standard guests) with different tickets (e.g. standing room, seat or box) and different access authorisations (e.g. to the catering or security area) must be invited and looked after on site. Different guest data (e.g. meal preferences) must often be recorded for each guest group and then taken into account in the hospitality management for the guest related services at the event.

In addition to the actual guests, musicians, technicians, sponsors, media representatives or catering personnel must also be invited and accredited for music and cultural events.

Evention® offers a comprehensive toolset for locations, resources, guests or tickets to ensure that all this functions smoothly. A modern check in app for iOS and Android is also available for on-site admission management. This allows all guests and staff to be admitted quickly and securely in accordance with their authorisations.

Basic features


Invoicing with connection to online payment systems


Freely definable contingents for events, tickets and guests

42.Attendee managementî
Attendee Management

Comprehensive functions for simple and effective management of guest data

21.Check in
Check In

Check In app (iOS and Android) for access management

22.Event app
Event App

Mobile access to all important data

45.Event portal
Event Portal

Event website according to corporate design guidelines

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