Press conferences are an important public relations instrument and are often associated with important corporate events. Events for press conferences can include the presentation of the annual report, the takeover of another company, changes in the ownership, investment projects, new research and development results or the launch of new products.

Press conferences must be carefully prepared because the journalists and media representatives invited are important multipliers of your company’s message.

The success of a press conference depends first and foremost on the selection of the right guests and guest groups. In many companies, this selection is made on the basis of existing press and media mailing lists, which are often used in day-to-day business to send press releases. In German-speaking countries, for example, the provider Stamm offers 200,000 addresses and contacts for DACH media, or the PR software Zimpel offers current journalist contacts from all over the world with over 750,000 worldwide contact addresses for journalists, editors and bloggers.

Evention® provides you with everything you need for the professional planning, execution and follow-up of your press conferences. First of all, the flexible Excel guest data import with its convenient mapping function (field-to-field assignment) allows you to import any external data sources, for example from Stamm or Zimpel. Dynamic interfaces via SOAP/REST are also possible without any problems.

On the basis of the journalist contacts once imported or manually created, you then have the full functionality of the powerful Evention® invitation management at your disposal. Create individual program sequences for your press conferences, design journalist-specific, multilingual invitation forms, invite media representatives with an individually designed invitation e-mail in your company’s corporate design, create a landing page on the Internet with all important information and documents about your event and share them in social media channels.

Thus, every press conference becomes a successful event that sustainably increases the brand value of your company in the media public.

Basic Features


Individually configurable emails for all event phases and processes

26.Contact managementî
Contact Management

Master data management for guests and other persons

20.Document Management
Document Management

File manager for documents and media


Import and export in all standard formats such as CSV, XLS or XML


Multilingual user interfaces and content for the back and front end

40.Social media
Social Media

Sharing of events in all common social media channels

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